How To Repair A Rotted Fence Post


A post that rots away along the bottom of a fence line can make the entire fence lean. You need to replace the post to restore the ability of the fence to stand up straight again. Here is how the average do-it-yourselfer can fix the fence quickly and effectively.

You Will Need:

  • Metal Post Studs
  • New Post
  • Jackhammer
  • Two-Way Post Level
  • Small Sledge Hammer
  • Claw Hammer
  • Nails

Remove Fence Panels

The first step is to remove the fence panels connected to the broken post. Take a small sledge hammer and pound on the cross boards connecting the panels to the post – the pounding will drive the nails out of the post so you can move the panel. Do one panel at a time.

Move the panels back so they don't interfere with the work area. The panels will still be connected to other support posts, so only move them back a foot or two to avoid detaching them from the other posts.

Install Metal Post Stud

Purchase a metal post stud that has a point on bottom to help you pound it into the ground, and a square cup on the top that you will set the new post into once the stud has been firmly set in place.

Get a small jack hammer and set the hammering tip end into the cup on the stud while it is on the ground – this helps you keep control of the jackhammer and stud as you raise it up into position. Place the pointed end of the stud over the broken piece of post still in the ground.

Jackhammer the stud into ground enough so it stands on its own, but where you can still move it around. Connect a two-way post level on the stud to make sure you are driving it into ground evenly on all sides into the ground. Make sure one side of the stud will be flush along the fence line.

Drive the post into the ground so it is secure. Test with a level once more, and then finish pounding it down until the bottom of the cup is even with the ground.

Set new post in the cup. There are holes on the sides of the cup. Secure the bottom of the post by hammering nails (you can use galvanized screws if you prefer) through the stud hole and into the the bottom of the post to secure the post to the cup.

Move one fence panel into position and nail the cross boards to the new post. Repeat the same procedure with the other fence panel. Contact a company like City Wide Fence Co for more information.


18 August 2015

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