Three Areas Of Your Roof That Are Likely To Be The Source Of Your Leaks


If you have a conventional asphalt roof, many different problems can lead to roof leaks. Sometimes it can be things as simple as exposed nails, but this is not the only source of roof leaks. Other areas can be vulnerable to wear, and eventually cause water to get in your home. Here are some of the areas that are prone to leaks on your roof and how to repair the problems:

1. Ridge Caps Causing Leaks On Your Roof

The ridge of your roof has caps on it. These are basically shingle tables that are cut to top the peak of your roof. If the center shingle begins to leak, water can seep beneath the roofing and get into your home. These caps can also come loose and allow water to get in. To fix this problem, look for any missing pieces on the ridge of your roof and look to see if there are any exposed nails where the final ridge caps have been nailed. If the nails are exposed, simply covering them with roofing tar can fix the problem.

2. Water Getting Beneath Roofing At The Eaves

The eaves of your home can be another source of leaks. This is often because shingles are installed too high or do not have a starter row. There are a couple of things that can be done to correct leaks caused at the eaves. You can use a strip of roofing membrane and install it beneath the shingles at the edge of the roof. The first row of shingles can also be replaced and installed lower to allow water to flow past the eaves.

3. Wind Blown Rain And Shingles On Low-Pitched Roofs

Low-pitched roofs can have a lot of problems with wind-blown rain. This is cause by wind lifting up the tabs of shingles and water getting underneath the roofing. To fix this problem, flat roofing materials can be used on areas of your roof that have low pitches. Another option is to use a heat gun to seal the tabs on the shingles, which can be loose due to installation in cold weather. In addition, look for loose shingles after storms and wind damage that needs to be repaired.

These are some of the things that can be causing your roof to leak. If you need help with repairs or replacement of your asphalt roofing, contact a roof repair contractor, like JT Fencing, to get the help you need to end the water leaks in your home.


17 August 2015

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